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P-179 Coordinated end of life care (EOLC) for birmingham and solihull (BSOL) working party
  1. Debbie Talbot and
  2. Tina Swani
  1. Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice, Birmingham, UK


In September 2017 we called together individuals from across the city, who are currently delivering or receiving end of life care services. Discussion ensued about how services could be improved. All agreed to collaborate to develop a more coordinated approach. The working party membership developed a clear vision and associated mission statements, as well as an outline plan for a new system wide model of coordinated care delivery.

Vision To create a better experience at the end of life (EOL) for everyone in Birmingham and Solihull.

Mission statements By bringing together providers with a common purpose, to shape EOL service development and improvement we will:

  • Create a central coordination system for all EOL services that will ensure:

    1. Early identification of those in need of end of life care

    2. Improved patient–centred care, designed according to individuals’ priorities, including promoting choice of place of care and reducing inappropriate hospital admissions

    3. Equitable access to services

    4. Fewer gaps in care provision

    5. Increased information sharing to enhance patient safety.

  • Promote a compassionate community ethos, working with the diverse communities in BSOL to design and deliver end of life care

  • Ensure end of life education is delivered in a coordinated way, to best enable everyone to care

  • Collaborate to design services that are delivered efficiently and are sustainable by sharing intelligence, eliminating duplication of provision and holding each other to account

  • Evaluate evidence concerning new models of care critically to inform the activities of the Working Group

  • Undertake evaluation research to determine the impact of the new BSOL end of life care system/model.

Achievements The Vision and mission statements have been integrated into a re-draft of the Birmingham and Solihull Sustainability and Transformation Partnership Strategy, as new priorities for end of life care. The working party will be represented at an STP EOLC oversight group, which will drive the implementation of these priorities and will report into the STP portfolio board.

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