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P-139 ‘I experience VR’ – LOROS hospice development of virtual reality therapeutic distraction therapy app
  1. Elaine Godber
  1. LOROS Hospice, Leicester, Leicestershire


Background One year on from commissioning the first virtual reality (VR) film of a local park aimed at bringing relaxation and distraction therapy to patients whose lives have become restricted due to their illness the chance to see the world from the comfort of their chair or bed, LOROS Hospice has developed the project into a growing library of therapeutic films stored safely within its ‘I Experience VR’ App.

A robust evaluation study of patient response is underway to establish the impact on transforming patient care. To reach out to more patients it has engaged with other hospices and care homes with an invitation to join a partnership consortium and is constantly re-evaluating its offering.

Aim Provide patients with relaxation, calmness and provoke heart-warming conversations, a patient feels like they are actually there. It is simple to use for all health care professionals offering a different way to engage with patients and their families. ‘I Experience VR’ is subscription based with funds put directly back into the production of further 360 degree immersive VR films chosen by patients, residents and partners.

Methods A project methodology approach is being used to plan ‘I Experience VR’:

  • Staff training and VR Champion recruitment

  • Evaluation of patient experiences

  • Enhancements to patient well–being using VR

  • Commissioning further VR films

  • Expansion of partnership consortium

  • Creative marketing.


  • 20 VR Champions trained across all sectors of hospice care

  • All patients reported feeling more relaxed and some who were in pain reported a reduction in pain ‘Amazing’; ‘I feel like I am there’; ‘I was not aware of the pain in my hands and wrists’; ‘I so enjoyed being back by the sea’

  • Commissioned four films, one being a hospice tour aimed at reducing anxiety before visiting a hospice

  • Four hospices have joined the partnership consortium, with others interested.

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