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P-69 How to do research: the case study approach
  1. Zana Saunders1,2
  1. 1Willen Hospice, Milton Keynes, UK
  2. 2The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK


Palliative care providers are increasingly getting involved in research as a means to improve and transform the services they provide. This can be through participation in external projects, partnering with research institutions or designing and undertaking their own research independently. For a hospice wanting to establish itself as a research active environment, the case study research method can be very beneficial for the organisation, as well as the local community and the wider hospice and palliative care movement. Whilst case studies are seen in clinical research this is often focused on a single patient – organisational and community case studies are rarely seen within health and social care.

This presentation aims to explain what case study research is, the different types of case study and why it is an excellent method for investigating various aspects of hospice and palliative care provision. Using our own case study project as an example it will highlight some of the challenges and successes we have experienced so far. This will include:

  • Getting started in research

  • Building relationships between hospice and researchers

  • Engaging local communities and organisations

  • The practicalities of collecting data

  • Early findings from our research.

It is hoped this presentation can promote case studies as a valid alternative to other more traditional forms of research. It will also break down some of the myths and barriers to getting started in research, and demonstrate case study as a possible method for other hospices and palliative care providers and researchers to adopt, if they wish to get research active and transform their care.

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