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P-67 Using the integrated palliative outcome score data to transform clinical care
  1. Luke Feathers,
  2. Gemma Miller and
  3. Stacey Hubber
  1. LOROS Hospice, Leicester, UK


Background Since 2015 LOROS has been using the Integrated Palliative Outcome Score (IPOS) in our clinical services. We present how we use IPOS data in our MDT meetings and feed back to clinical departments on a regular basis through dashboards.

In partnership with a small IT company (LHITS) and St Barnabas Hospice, Lincolnshire, we developed an IPOS reporting tool to extract data from SystmOne.

Aims Enabling IPOS data to be used across departments to make informed decisions about patient care in MDT meetings. Providing feedback to departments on outcome measures to show their impact on care. Demonstrating to stakeholders the difference that the hospice has made for patients.

Methods Collaboratively we devised a data extraction tool that from SystmOne data produces a patient level dashboard for MDTs, showing changes in IPOS scores across time, and a service level dashboard showing scores at change of phase.

Results Being able to see IPOS data graphically (radar, bar and heat-map charts) has enabled clinical teams to see where to focus treatment, whether around physical, psychological, spiritual or practical areas. Clinical department reports are used to identify areas where care is already improving patient scores, and also to concentrate on areas needing a different approach to support patients.

Conclusion We are addressing the practical issue of how best to use IPOS data both clinically and managerially, aiming to transfer data from the electronic record with a ‘single button’ methodology. This allows patient reported data to both improve clinical decision making in a team setting and department managers to focus on areas of difficulty for their patient cohorts. Sharing our experience with other hospice providers will enable this approach to be used more widely for the benefit of patients and services.

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