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O-5 A joint commissioning approach to end of life care in kirklees
  1. Sadaf Adnan and
  2. Michael Crowther
  1. Kirkwood Hospice, Huddersfield, UK


Discussions with our local CCGs over the last three years have led to a change in our working relationship as part of the development of a Lead Commissioner model for end of life care. This forms a landmark achievement in establishing ourselves as leading end of life services in Kirklees.

This development provides us with the opportunities to:

  • Work towards our vision to address unmet need in Kirklees

  • Increase involvement in decision making around End of Life care

  • Reach new people not currently accessing our services

  • Protect existing NHS funding

  • Receive commitment from CCGs to keep the development of end of life services at the forefront of their minds.

This will redress the traditional commissioner/provider relationship through:

  • Sharing data – supporting and driving the assessment of needs as well as supporting a review of existing service provision in order to identify gaps. This will be the first time in Kirklees that data has been pooled to establish baselines for end of life care key performance indicators across the wider health and social system. System wide data being captured and reviewed jointly on a regular basis will not only improve understanding of overall demand but also help us evidence the impact of the care we provide.

  • Agreeing a joint end of life commissioning plan – by establishing the overall system wide cost for end of life care and identifying a route to reinvesting savings, measures will be developed to better understand future demand. This plan will allow joined up approaches to key service development areas.

  • Ensuring collaborative partnerships across health and social care – Kirkwood Hospice will take the lead on facilitating a provider alliance and scoping the development of a clinical network. Through alignment of contract monitoring measures there may be opportunity to impact on contract levers to ensure improved knowledge and understanding of end of life care.

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