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P-287 Evaluating the quality, impact and sustainability of a apprenticeship programme across south london
  1. Maaike Vandeweghe
  1. Greenwich and Bexley Community Hospice, Abbey Wood, UK


We will share the evaluation findings of the Level 5 Diploma for Assistant Practitioners in Healthcare, which was developed and delivered by the South London Hospices Education Collaborative (SLHEC) in partnership with Croydon College. Kingston University was commissioned to conduct the evaluation in collaboration with the SLHEC. Both quantitative and qualitative data was collected from students and stakeholders at two intervals (end of year 1 and 2). Eighteen students, who were all working as Health Care Assistants in either hospices or care homes at the time, enrolled on the programme.

A mixed-methods design was used to evaluate the course in multiple phases. Questionnaires for students and stakeholders focused on the quality, value, sustainability and impact of the programme. Two focus groups with students enabled the exploration of some of the barriers and challenges of the programme in more detail and offered richer, especially qualitative, data. Alongside the questionnaires and focus groups a semi-structured interview with the course director was conducted. This offered an opportunity to capture the perception of the education provider and their particular challenges.

In summary, it was felt that the course had a positive impact on students, predominantly increasing their skills, knowledge and confidence and the vast majority felt that the course had helped them prepare for their role as assistant practitioners. Two major challenges were identified in relation to workloads and communication which had an effect on perceptions of the course.

This evaluation created an opportunity to explore challenges in relation to an educational programme like this from the perspective of the students, employing organisations and education provider. These findings will inform future delivery of this or similar kind of programmes. This project has also prepared us to engage, deliver and steer the direction of the trainee nursing associate programme across the wider South London health economy.

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