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118 Transforming mdt working in palliative and end of life care across acute and community settings
  1. Sara Morley,
  2. Catherine Hardie and
  3. Sindy Dhallu
  1. Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust


As a forward thinking Integrated specialist Palliative and End of Life Care team working across community and acute settings within Walsall we are constantly appraising our service and looking to improve how we deliver the best possible care to our patients and carers.

Having an existing Palliative and End of Life Care MDT we wanted to refine the process and develop a more accessible platform for non specialist colleagues in a supportive environment to encourage open conversations with a more truly integrated pathway.

This process has involved the engagement of partner organisations such as our local Hospice St Giles Hospice Walsall, acute based teams, community specialist palliative care, GP’s community matrons and district nursing teams, specialist services such as COPD HF, learning disabilities and mental health.

In the last couple of years the SPC has been critically appraised by its members and over the last twelve months we have trialled a rotational chair in order to promote the skills of clinicians outside the medical framework by introducing an innovative approach to the chairing of the MDT.

We also then focused on rotational locations for the meeting, a different time slot and the introduction of bringing cases for reflection. These focuses have promoted staff development, leadership skills, accessibility: bringing everyone to the table, revalidating interventions.

However most significantly the changes have increased engagement with attendee numbers rising significantly.A Survey Monkey demonstrate the value placed upon the SPC MDT both inside and outside the historical circles of palliative and end of life care.

This audit serves to appraise how these changes have affected the SPC creating a platform for further appraisal and improvement.

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