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100 Integrating palliative care; impact of a 5 year strategy from the makerere and mulago palliative care unit
  1. M Leng,
  2. G Kivumbi,
  3. L Grant,
  4. SM Murray,
  5. J Downing,
  6. J Turyahikyio,
  7. P Bagasha and
  8. L Namukwaya
  1. Makerere Palliative Care Unit Department of Medicine Makerere University Kampala, Palliative care Education and Research Consortium Uganda, University of Edinburgh, Cairdeas International Palliative Care Trust UK, International Children’s Palliative Care Network


Introduction Makerere and Mulago Palliative Care Unit (MPCU) provides quality, evidence-based palliative care (PC) for patients and families through a centre of excellence delivering: an integrated clinical service within the national referral hospitals site; carrying out research, training and capacity-building in collaboration with partners; and developing leaders in PC.

Methods An evaluation of the 2011–2016 strategic plan was undertaken. A review of indicators was completed including: care provision; training numbers; collation of impact assessments; an online survey and qualitative interviews addressing research capacity, and the qualifications attained by MPCU staff.

Results A total of 9858 patients seen (3189 directly by MPCU with 6669 by link nurses. 4630 individuals trained including undergraduates, postgraduate, and in-service short courses. 1223 of those trained came from 8 other countries within the region. MPCU staff gained: 5 BSc, 2 Masters, 1 PhD qualifications. 103 abstracts presented at national and international conferences and 11 papers published. Impact assessments include: evaluation of integrated model including link nurses; outcome of PC interventions; educational impact; research capacity building; morphine use; experience of patients and staff; and evaluation of specific projects.

Conclusions Developing a strategic plan embedding a coherent and integrated approach to PC ensures evidence based practice has become routine and outcomes regularly assessed.. Partnerships have allowed for wide project work and dissemination. An integrated model allows generalist PC to be empowered with specialist support This review is helping shape the next strategic plan.

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