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39 The cost of a night nursing service at rennie grove hospice care, and the total community cost of care at home compared to an admission to hospital
  1. S Varvel,
  2. SG Spiro,
  3. A Graham,
  4. J Sixsmith and
  5. A Ward
  1. Rennie Grove Hospice Care, The University of Northampton, The University of Dundee


Background Rennie Grove (RG) runs a 24/7 Hospice at Home service. An independent study calculated the cost of a visit and the total community cost of home care, including all health care professional (HCP), carer, and family member visits.

Methods Over a period of 145 days, 550 calls and 335 visits made to/by the night team were recorded, averaging 3.79 per night. The salary cost per hour for each nurse, plus organisational add on costs, were calculated. To derive a total community cost, 35 families, able to consent, kept a diary for up to two-weeks, recording all HCP, carer and family support visits and duration of each visit. 17 diaries were returned. Descriptive analysis was used with the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS v22). Costs were taken for HCPs and social care services from the PSSRU data 2015/2016.

Results Average length of the diaries was 10.4 days. For 3.79 visits per night the cost per visit was £195 (RG nurses travel in pairs). 17 patient diaries covered 177 days and showed a range of visits and complexity of care. RG staff provided 19% of the care at a cost of £3,295; district nurses 13%, cost £2,005; formal carers 55% at a cost of £1344. 23 GPs visits comprised 4% of visits but 15% of total costs. MacMillan/Marie Curie nurses accounted for just 2% of visits but 19% of cost as they stayed overnight. The cost of 177 days of care for 17 patients was £11,814; i.e. £66.7 per day as care was not needed every day of each diary period.

Conclusions The cost of home care seems acceptable, compared to the national average cost of a day in an inpatient specialist palliative care bed at £397-£400 (Data.Gov.UK, 2015).

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