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P-250 Moments tree – celebrating compassion
  1. Tracey Taylor,
  2. Kate Nolan and
  3. Joanne Davison
  1. Marie Curie Hospice Liverpool, UK


Background Specialist palliative care is provided in a challenging environment, where professionals and volunteers often have to deal with death and dying, compassion is an integral part of the care provision. In order to look after the wellbeing of staff and volunteers, in preventing compassion fatigue there is a need to acknowledge it.

Aim(s) For individuals to share moments of compassion seen, witnessed or told about that have made a difference to another human being. Acknowledging the compassion by recognition, recording and celebrating as it deserves.

Methods Staff and volunteers were asked to reflect and record their moments which were collected and displayed on leaves. A tree transfer on the wall created a backdrop for the leaves to be displayed and shared. External senior staff were requested to nominate best team moment and best person-centred moment. The hospice team voted for their best moment. Certificates and prizes were awarded as part of the celebration afternoon held in the hospice for all staff and volunteers.

Results Thirty-nine moments were recorded.

All departments were represented at least once. Initial feedback included:’ the quotes were all inspiring’; ‘ it was hard to nominate one as they were all so good’; ‘Thank you for the privilege of reading them all.’ Everyone was a winner as each moment was unique.

Conclusions The introduction of a permanent tree that is refreshed and leaves changed with the seasons will be established. Recognition of the importance of celebrating those moments of compassion that would otherwise go unseen providing support to our hospice team.

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