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P-247 How can fundraisers fundraise effectively if they don’t know what we do?
  1. Sarah Wells and
  2. Lyn Wood
  1. Marie Curie Hospice West Midland, Solihull, UK


Background Fundraisers are key to the livelihood of our hospices. Their voice within the community represents the work that we do and the patients that we care for. The fundraising team at our hospice have become actively involved in Schwartz rounds, both as panellists and audience members. As a facilitator responsible for preparing panellists, it became apparent that the fundraisers did not have a clear idea of the work that the clinicians were involved in.

Methods Following discussion with the Fundraising manager, a programme of immersion in clinical activities for the fundraising team was planned. This included attending the in-patient unit and day services during the induction period as well as established fundraisers attending ward rounds and day services to understand the complex care that is being delivered by our staff.

Results 90% of the fundraising team have now attended a ward round. The result has been incredibly positive:

• They have felt enlightened on the extent of care being delivered

• They feel more connected with the clinical team

• Increased connexion with patients

• It has been very emotional and at times difficult for them but still wholeheartedly welcomed

• They feel that they are able to give a much clearer and emotive description of the care we are providing while out in the community.

• We plan to continue this programme and extend to attending day services.

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