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P-207 Regenerate our own true selves (roots) model of group therapy
  1. Lorna Richardson,
  2. Colette Parfitt,
  3. Emma Kirk,
  4. Rachael Stevenson and
  5. Tracey Taylor
  1. Marie Curie Hospice Liverpool, UK


Background Not all patients fit into the traditional day therapy model. There is a lack of evidence to guide best practice but research highlights the value of self-management and promoting service-user independence. By introducing a flexible and innovative day therapy model we hope to engage a different cohort of patients and meet the needs of an emerging patient profile. A launch of recent key documents has led us to review the services provided.

Aims To launch ROOTS group therapy in September 2017 offering a wider range of groups not available in the community for palliative patients. The new model will offer a more accessible, patient centred and holistic approach with the aim of ultimately improving quality of life, symptom management and independence for a wider range of patients.

Method Local services were reviewed and a literature review was conducted looking at the evidence for group versus individual intervention. Patient interviews and forums informed the steering group of service-users’ preferences for day therapy services. Evaluation of referral rates and patient attendance will be undertaken. Furthermore an evaluation of the model through direct service user feedback and validated outcome measures for specific groups will be used.

Results The evaluation of referrals and attendance will seek to demonstrate whether the model delivers an accessible day therapy service, accessed by a diverse patient population. Patients will be invited to feedback on whether ROOTS delivers a more patient- centred approach.

Conclusion This project will provide information to develop a framework in a positive direction and further investigate innovative day therapy models that are more suitable for our emerging patient population. This information will be shared with stakeholders to inform and inspire best practice.

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