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P-165 Sepsis care bundle for a hospice in-patient unit
  1. Paula Powell,
  2. Daniel Monnery and
  3. Susan Schofield
  1. Willowbrook Hospice, Merseyside UK


Sepsis is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality and patients in the palliative phase of their illness are particularly vulnerable. In 2016 health care organisations were asked to review their management of the deteriorating (often septic) patient through a Patient Safety Alert from NHS Improvement.

Patients being cared for in hospice in- patient units are increasingly complex and earlier in their disease trajectory. This means that robust protocols must be in place to support staff in recognising acute deterioration, making an appropriate assessment and putting a management plan in place that takes account of the particular clinical complexities of the patient and their wishes and preferences with regard to care and treatment, including transfer to an acute setting if appropriate.

Hospital scoring systems and management approaches are often inappropriate in hospice in-patient units and it was with this in mind that we decided to develop our own protocol for care of the septic patient

This poster describes the development of a ‘Sepsis Care Bundle’ for Willowbrook Hospice specialist palliative care in-patient unit and the education that underpinned this. The Care bundle was designed to be easily accessible to and followed by staff, including flow charts and aide memoires.

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