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O-11 The challenges of a modern nurse-led palliative and end of life care unit
  1. Isabella Massheder-Dollman,
  2. Jan Wright,
  3. Ella Scullion,
  4. Diana Hockley and
  5. Coral Beaumont
  1. Lincolnshire Community Healthcare Services with the Butterfly Hospice Trust, Boston, UK


Background This innovative project has brought together the knowledge and expertise of providing palliative nursing care from an NHS Trust with a local charity dedicated to ensuring patients have choice within their local area.

Aims From its inception at a public meeting to providing care to patients in a purpose-built six-bed unit, this project aims to provide quality care in a non-institutionalised setting. Its innovative approach comes from the nurse-led model where the patient’s own local GP retains oversight and leadership of the medical care. It has been provided within a specified financial envelope, utilising the valuable skills of volunteers to support the care provided by nursing and support.

Methods The team has overcome and embraced a range of challenges. These have included:

• Ensuring positive engagement with local GPs – this includes raising awareness of a new service to encourage referrals, and engagement about offering a different approach to palliative and end of life care

• positive engagement with other referrers – the team has worked hard to establish their presence in the local community, even visiting every single ward of a neighbouring hospital to encourage engagement and referrals

• continuing healthcare resources – balancing the ethos of supporting patient choice with the availability of other health resources in the community through other care providers

• a bespoke staffing model, which meets financial efficiencies while ensuring an effective response to local needs. This has also given autonomy to Band 6 nursing staff and development opportunities for students.

Results Our innovative model has supported:

• increased patient choice in the locality good

• engagement with other professionals

• an equal balance between physical and spiritual care.

Conclusions The project has proved the innovative concept of a nurse-led model can effectively support greater patient choice and improve experience in a community setting.

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