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P-79 Removing technical barriers: ipos timeline tool and ipos report with st barnabas hospice and loros
  1. Sean Leathen
  1. Leathen Healthcare IT Solutions, Bolton, UK


Aims Two tools are now in use across St Barnabas and LOROS sites, which support clinicians in getting the best outcomes from IPOS and OACC measures. These are the IPOS Timeline tool and IPOS Report. The IPOS Timeline tool generates a series of graphs about a single patient. The IPOS Report provides a comprehensive assessment of a service’s performance for a given time frame. These aim to help services to make the best use of all their IPOS data, by automating processes and removing any technical barriers.

Results The IPOS Timeline has been designed for clinicians. By pressing a single button in a SystmOne extract, it creates a set of graphs showing all IPOS information about the patient. Using this, the clinician can see trends, current and past problems at a glance. This saves time with the patient, or in explaining the patient‘s history to other clinicians. The IPOS Report has automated the task of analysing all IPOS data across an entire organisation. It uses this information to create an in depth report of service performance, and a full suite of graphs and measures for each IPOS indicator. No data analysis or advanced computer skills are required. The IPOS Report shows where teams are performing well and what can be improved. It contains graphs of service trends over time, and visualises the current level of patient care and how patients needs are changing. A summary shows all this at service level, with a simple rating system. Together, these tools have removed the barrier of technical knowledge and analytical skills needed to handle large amounts of IPOS data. This has enabled services to become more responsive and improve their delivery of patient care.

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