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P-19 Highlight 5 – 5 minutes to deliver messages on patient care
  1. Charles Hyland,
  2. Susan Schofield and
  3. Paula Powell
  1. Willowbrook Hospice Merseyside, UK


At any one time in a health organisation there are important messages on patient care that staff need to be informed of but disseminating that information such that all staff see and hear those messages and respond appropriately is very challenging. E-mails, team briefs, written policies and procedures may be left unread and even verbal information can be missed by some. HIGHLIGHT 5 describes an initiative developed to improve communication and ensure that as many staff as possible hear important messages about patient care. Each week has a defined topic that can be covered in 5 min by a member of the clinical staff. The ward manager and practice development nurse plan the topics in advance but all staff can contribute ideas. Examples so far are cost effective prescribing of laxatives, opioid brand prescribing and introduction of a sepsis care bundle. The Highlight topic is delivered at every handover throughout the seven days so all members of staff as far as possible are aware. Feedback is very positive from staff who feel that it is very effective at ensuring important messages are highlighted.

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