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P-14 Advance care planning facilitator
  1. Caitlyn Adkins
  1. Kemp Hospice, Kidderminster, UK


Background It is recognised within the national framework that palliative and end of life (EoL) care must be a priority. Empowering individuals to think about their wishes and what is important to them is an extremely important and developing part of healthcare. The Advance Care Planning (ACP) Facilitator role was developed to support ACP within local care homes. After a three year project the role became permanent receiving full funding from the local Clinical Commissioning Group.

Aims The aim of the role is to support local care homes with ACP. Supporting them to achieve the national ambition that states everyone approaching EoL must be given the opportunity to plan. The role provides care home staff with support and education regarding EoL care. This allows them to work towards improving outcomes wherever the setting, which is a priority within the national framework.

Methods ACP support has been provided to care home staff and residents. Free educational sessions have been delivered on subjects relating to palliative and EoL care. Work has been undertaken within the local community to enhance their knowledge and understanding on ACP. A good working relationship has been developed with the multidisciplinary team to encourage a pro-active response to ACP.

Results Increased use of ACP documents has been noted within care homes. Good attendance and evaluations from the educational sessions have been recorded through registers and feedback forms. Verbal feedback has been received from numerous individuals with gratitude of the support provided.

Conclusion The role has shown to benefit residents, their loved ones and the staff. Residents are given the opportunity to discuss and record future plans which are in accordance with their wishes. Residents’ loved ones are able to access various services the hospice offers. Care home staff have expressed feeling more confident with ACP and EoL care.

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