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P-11 Promoting access to palliative care and advance care planning for people with dementia
  1. Kerry Bareham
  1. St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice, Lincoln, UK


Dementia is one of the most severe and devastating disorders that we face as a society (DH, 2009) and is now the leading cause of death in Britain (Office for National Statistics, 2015). However, while it is widely recognised that dementia is a terminal condition, there is a lack of coordination or philosophy that embraces the principles of palliative care which are beneficial at all stages of dementia (Ashton et al., 2016; Lloyd-Williams & Payne, 2002; Mitchell et al., 2004; Mitchell et al., 2007; Sachs, 2004). This results in missed opportunities to access interventions such as advance care planning (ACP) along with the psychosocial and spiritual support that is so important in promoting resilience and self-management (Conroy, 2009; Dempsey, 2013; Ashton et al., 2016; Murray et al., 2017). Thus reducing the risk in the latter stages of dementia, of people being subjected to escalations in care that they have expressed a preference not to receive and reducing the incidence of avoidable hospitalisation (Brinkman-Stoppelenburg et al., 2014; Conroy, 2009; Ashton et al., 2016; Murray et al., 2017). This poster will explore the local collaborative initiative in Lincolnshire of a joint ACP policy document across the health and social care economy and how this is being supported to be used in practice, underpinned by current advanced communication skills education.

The Aim To empower staff and subsequently people with dementia and those important to them, to participate in recording their wishes and preferences within a single ACP document, that will be used and recognised by all the local organisations involved in the person’s care and documented on the Electronic Palliative Care Coordination System (EPaCCS) (Public Health England, 2013).

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