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P-4 Remember- reflect – together
  1. Cheryl Scott and
  2. Sarah Walker
  1. St Catherine’s Hospice, Lancashire, UK


Introduction The brand of St Catherine’s Hospice is well known and well-loved across Central Lancashire. It is one of the charity’s most valuable assets – garnering trust, respect and warmth. We wanted to harness its potential to develop our charity’s personality further in the hearts and minds of our community, specifically in relation to the support we provide following bereavement.

Aims The Department of Health’s End of Life Care Strategy (2008) recognises that bereavement support is a fundamental aspect of end of life care. Just as people associate the St Catherine’s Hospice butterfly with our fundamental values of care, compassion and commitment, we wanted to create a meaningful logo which reflected our vision where no-one faces bereavement alone. Our mission is to provide positive opportunities for remembrance, where people not only feel connected with St Catherine’s but also with each other. By creating an accessible visual for use on materials relating to our remembrance activities, we hoped to reinforce the message that there are many ways people can join with us to remember their loved ones.

Method The inspiration for the logo came from a Memory Tree which has been used successfully at our Remembrance Evenings, upon which people hang leaves containing dedications. The tree symbolises St Catherine’s branching out into our community. It also mirrors the nature found in St Catherine’s Park – the grounds of the hospice which we have successfully opened up to the wider community. The words ‘Remember, Reflect’ highlight what we are inviting people to do, while ‘Together’ builds a sense of community and ownership.

Evaluation We plan to conduct a questionnaire with attendees of our Moonlight and Memories Walk on July 1st to find out their impressions of the logo and the impact – or not – it had.

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