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P-279 Using creative practice development methodologies to create a person-centred recruitment process
  1. Melanie Legg1,
  2. Anne Cleary1,
  3. Caroline Dickson2 and
  4. Brendan McCormack2
  1. 1Marie Curie, London, UK
  2. 2Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, UK


Background Marie Curie currently has 18 Practice Development Facilitators (PDFs) across the UK working in both hospice and community. The PDF role transitioned from the traditional Practice Educator role in August 2015, where the focus is now on facilitating learning and development opportunities rather than mandatory training. In partnership with Queen Margaret University the Practice Development Team have developed their knowledge and understanding of practice development methodologies and the impact this can have on developing person-centred cultures.

Aims Use creative practice development methodologies to bring about culture change where current staff engage with possible recruits and feedback into the recruitment process.

To ensure that potential new recruits fully understand the role on which they were embarking and experience these methods in practice during interview.

To improve retention of new staff to this role.

Methods The methods used were based on the Practice Development Workbook (Dewing, McCormack, & Titchen, 2014). The interview was conducted in three parts; the first two exercises are group activities. Using creativity to understand their journey to here; a values exercise to explore their values as well as Marie Curie’s and then a short individual interview.

Results It has been challenging at times as the interview process is around three hours rather than the traditional style of interview of at least one hour. Feedback received from individuals who have completed this process have been highly evaluated.

Conclusion To build authentic and meaningful relationships and cultures it is important to identify individual values and beliefs (Wilson, 2011). Establishing person-centred cultures requires a sustained commitment from individuals and organisations. The focus on staff and service users is vital to ensuring compassionate care and a flourishing culture.

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