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P-254 Embedding the care certificate into clinical apprenticeships
  1. Mandy Motley and
  2. Donna Walker
  1. LOROS Hospice, Leicester, UK


Background Following the Francis Review, Camilla Cavendish carried out a review of support workers and health care assistants across health and social care. Her recommendations formed the basis of the Care Certificate which was formally launched on 1 April 2015, and required all new health care assistant and social care staff to achieve the Care Certificate in 12 weeks of commencing employment. At LOROS we introduced a new post into the organisation, Assistant Practitioner (AP), to support the development of the non-registered staff and to lead the implementation of the care certificate across the hospice.

Aims Our aim was to develop a robust programme which not only ensured new healthcare assistants achieved the Care Certificate, but also provided valid evidence to support those staff who were also undertaking a healthcare apprenticeship.

Methods A programme of training and education has been developed which ensures all knowledge and skills required for their role are covered. This entails a presentation for all of the 15 standards with resources drawn from both the Skills for Health website and organisational specific information. The AP has completed the CAVA award which enabled her to ensure the assessment of the student work covered the learning outcomes for both the care certificate and the apprenticeship diploma. There is regular partnership working between the AP and the assessor from college, including joint standardisation meetings.

Results All new healthcare assistants achieve their care certificate in a timely fashion, and those on an apprenticeship are able to map the evidence for up to 30% of their diploma. Apprentices who have achieved their apprenticeships have secured permanent employment at the hospice.

Conclusion The dedicated role within the organisation to support this initiative with an appropriately qualified member of staff, working closely with the college has ensured the success of this approach.

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