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O-2 The implementation of oacc in a hospice setting
  1. Michaela Sen and
  2. Hazel McGwyne
  1. Saint Francis Hospice, Essex, UK


Background Outcome measurement plays a pivotal role in enhancing the quality, efficiency and availability of palliative care services. The Outcome Assessment and Complexity Collaborative (OACC) is a validated suite of outcome measures that is aimed to measure, demonstrate, and improve care for patients and families.

Aim To implement the OACC Suite of Outcome Measures to all clinical services within Saint Francis Hospice (SFH).

Method The implementation of the project went through several stages using Kotter’s (2012) eight step model of change. A Steering Group was established to provide leadership and oversee the implementation of the project. A strategy, vision, and purpose for implementation were devised in consultation with the Steering Group. The strategy, vision, and purpose were communicated to all clinical services using a variety of methods. A project lead from each service was appointed to facilitate the process within their service area. Training for all clinical staff was provided throughout the process. Feedback on implementation strategy, and availability of staff and IT support were sought throughout the process.

Results Multiple barriers were experienced and successfully addressed by the Steering Group and project leads. OACC was successfully implemented into the organisation over a period of six months. Short term achievements were identified and shared with teams.

Conclusion Barriers can be encountered when implementing outcome measures within a clinical setting. However, by displaying effective leadership and reinforcing the change throughout the process of the project implementation, the OACC suite of measures are now being successfully embedded within the organisation. Ultimately this will enhance the quality, efficiency and availability of our service for patients and their families.

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