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P-81 Glasgow prognostic scale: usefulness in predicting 3-month survival in metastatic cancer patients
  1. Sanjay Shah1,2
  1. 1Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Kettering, UK
  2. 2Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


Background In England, many end of life care or hospice-at-home services will provide care for patients with life expectancy of <8–12 weeks. Low serum albumin has been associated with poor survival in carcinoma of stomach. Raised serum C-reactive protein (CRP) levels have also been linked to poor survival in cancer patients. Glasgow Prognostic Score (GPS) combines serum albumin and CRP levels to give a composite score. Poor survival is associated with high GPS in colorectal cancer patients.

Aims and objectives To compare 3 month survival of patients with metastatic cancer using GPS

Methods All adults known to have metastatic cancer pre-admission to district general hospital and hospice over a 2 month period were included. Using serum albumin (>35gm/L=0;<=35 gm/L=1) and serum CRP (<5mg/L=0;>5 mg/L=1), GPS score was assigned (minimum 0; maximum 2). Survival duration, to a maximum follow-up of 3 months, was measured. Survival proportions were compared for GPS scores of 0, 1 and 2.

Results Total number of patients - 106. Women comprised 52%. Mean age was 73.6 years. Common cancers: lung (n=26), urology (n=14), breast (n=12) and colorectal, upper gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary-pancreas (9 each). GPS could be calculated for 79: 0 in one patient, 1 in 33 and 2 in 45. Whereas 36% patients with GPS of 1 died during the admission, 47% of those with GPS of 2 died. At 3 months respective figures were 42% and 62%. Mean survival was 17.69 days with GPS 2; and 28.20 days with GPS 1. The sole patient with GPS 0 died during the inpatient stay.

Conclusions Higher GPS is associated with shorter survival in unselected metastatic cancer patients. This study is too small to determine sensitivity and specificity. A larger study for this inexpensive, widely available and easy to use tool is required.

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