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50 A multi-professional educational intervention to improve and sustain respondents’ confidence to deliver palliative care: a mixed methods study
  1. Elizabeth Reed1,
  2. Jennifer Todd1,
  3. Clair Sadler1,
  4. Jane Berg1,
  5. Caroline Lucas1,
  6. Sally Lawton2,
  7. Robert Grant3 and
  8. Max Watson4
  1. 1Princess Alice Hospice, Esher, UK
  2. 2NHS Grampian, Aberdeen, UK
  3. 3Kingston University and St. Georges University of London, London UK
  4. 4Hospice UK, London, UK


Background Education has been highlighted as fundamental in equipping healthcare professionals with essential knowledge and skills to provide good end of life care. Multiprofessional educational programmes have a positive influence on knowledge, attitude and confidence but few explore the longer term impact on care delivery. The educational intervention we evaluated is an eight week home-study based programme for healthcare professionals and is currently run in nine European centres.

Aims To evaluate the impact the educational intervention has on participants’ confidence in palliative care, to determine if this is sustained over time.

Design A mixed method longitudinal approach

Setting/participants A survey using a self-efficacy scale was emailed to 342 candidates who undertook the educational intervention and semi-structured interviews to a sub-sample of 15 candidates at baseline, 3 and 6 months.

Results At three months, candidates had twenty times higher odds of being above any given level of confidence than baseline which was sustained at six months. Confidence was expressed in terms of communication clinical practice and multiprofessional working.

Conclusion Findings suggest the ECEPC improves confidence in palliative care that is sustained over time with evidence of confidence in symptom control, communication and a holistic approach in clinical practice.

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