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17 Improving care and support in advanced copd: six recommendations of the population-based living with breathlessness study
  1. Morag Farquhar1,
  2. Gail Ewing2,
  3. Patrick White3,
  4. Peter Burge4,
  5. Ravi Mahadeva5,
  6. A Carole Gardener2,
  7. Caroline Moore2,
  8. Hanne Holt Butcher2,
  9. Sophie Howson6,
  10. Sara Booth2 and
  11. Tom Ling4
  1. 1University of East Anglia, UK
  2. 2University of Cambridge, UK
  3. 3King’s College London, UK
  4. 4RAND Europe, UK
  5. 5Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK
  6. 6SK Nurses, UK

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