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10 ’Thinking about you and your loved one’: session developed to support mnd carers in wales as part of the marie curie caring for carers initiative in wales
  1. Susan S Court
  1. Caring for Carers Project Wales, Marie Curie Wales and Southern UK


Introduction Sessions were designed around the practical information and emotional support needs of carers looking after relatives or friends living with MND.

More than half (56%) of MND carers spend more than 100 hours every week on their caring role.1

Aim and method To provide tailored support, information and advice, leading to clear improvements in well-being for carers.

Our approach was to provide a safe, supportive environment to enable carers to learn and develop useful coping strategies for their futures.

Experienced facilitation allowed conversations the space to emerge and voices to be heard. Attention was focused on a need to pace the flow of information to the responses and individual carer inputs as well as emerging dialogue from group discussions.

Results 45 carers attended sessions in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

• 80% of carers reported a large improvement in their ability to cope with carin with reduced levels of anxiety

• 65% of carers reported some improvement in their levels of isolation and overall health

• 95% of carers reported a positive change in their level of confidence as a carer

• 75% of carers reported a positive change in their knowledge in what improves the wellbeing of the cared for.

• 100% of carers reported that they would be Extremely Likely or Likely to recommend sessions to friends and family members in a similar position.

Conclusion We were interested in whether, having participated in sessions, there had been any change in carer’s confidence, knowledge or understanding of the various issues surrounding caring for a loved one.

Evidence supported significant positive change.


  1. . Fitzgerald S. Experiences and views of carers of people living with MND - Findings of the MND Association Carers Survey 2015.

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