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P-240  People, partnerships and potential – a collaborative teaching project between cyprus and a uk hospice
  1. Caroline Archibald,
  2. Faith Rylands,
  3. Kate Shorthose and
  4. Maxine Smith
  1. St Margaret’s Hospice, Taunton, UK


Introduction In 2015 in Cyprus a family member became unwell and needed medical assistance, which led to a palliative care nurse crossing paths with a Cypriot Hospice.

An extended invitation to come and visit the hospice, meet the staff and talk about the role of a palliative care nurse working in the UK. This resulted in a request to develop formalised education programme and to return to Cyprus to provide teaching on end-of-life issues, communication and symptom control. This has resulted in ongoing teaching collaboration.


  • To offer training to the multidisciplinary team on end of life issues, communication and symptom control issues through modelling, sharing skills and knowledge

  • Sharing good practice

  • Offering peer support

  • Sharing our experiences with staff and volunteers working at a Cypriot hospice and within our own UK hospice

  • Empowering the Cypriot nurses through up to date knowledge on issues in palliative care.


  • Communication via skype and regular email contact

  • A fact finding mission

  • Delivery of tailored teaching programmes on end of life issues, communication and symptom control issues to the hospice nurses and doctors in Cyprus

  • Two Cypriot nurses released to shadow colleagues working in the UK hospice. They will then cascade the knowledge, skills and experience they have gained when they return to Cyprus.


  • Positive feedback from the doctors and nurses on the benefits of the teaching and impact on care delivery

  • A rolling rota planned for the Cypriot nurses to come over and gain experience of working alongside our nurses

  • Ongoing collaboration between the two hospices

  • Awareness and respect for the cultural and economic differences in end-of-life care delivery

  • Learning and sharing of experience for UK nurses of the challenges within other healthcare settings.

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