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P-234  Quality service delivery through a collaborative line manager development program: a case of two uk hospices.
  1. Robert Kasule
  1. Peace Hospice Care, Watford, UK


Line managers play a critical role in driving organisational performance, which in turn affects (directly or indirectly) the quality of care provided to patients. A firm’s performance is a function of its line managers’ ability (Purcell et al., 2003) and line managers’ activities will ultimately shape the overall performance of organisations (Currie and Proctor,2005; Truss, 2001).

The two hospices will collaborate in the learning and development process – in a bid to improve the skills and competences of their line managers. In a resource scarce environment and increasing focus on prudent spend of money from donations; resource sharing and collaboration by these two hospices is a strategic way forward. The MDP’s aims and objectives are to; improve line manager skills and abilities, adapt best practice across the two hospices, a focus on values, management mind-set, the confidence and nous of handling the line management challenges.

The mode(s) of operation is to develop modules through establishing learner needs of line managers. The hospice trainers and facilitators will work alongside external trainers in the delivery of this project. The combined use of e-learning, training sessions and hard copy resources will enable the line mangers to explore practical and theoretical management perspectives which are aligned to best practice.

The MDP will be evaluated by conducting interviews with line managers, online feedback forms, and line manager appraisal reports, interviews with line managers’ direct reports, human resources and surveys of staff who are appraised by the line managers. On a periodic basis, the monitoring and evaluation will be conducted by analysing the performance trends from appraisal documents (line managers and their teams), sickness absence records and hospice quality audits.

The successful implementation of the MDP will enable both hospices to deliver excellent services to patients, and form a benchmark opportunity for other hospices in the future.

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