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P-231  Developing end of life care learning outcomes for the workforce across yorkshire and the humber: a strategic approach
  1. Vanessa Taylor1,
  2. Grace Jeffrey2 and
  3. June Toovey2
  1. 1University of York, York, UK
  2. 2Health Education Yorkshire and the Humber


In 2012, End of Life Care (EoLC) Leaning Outcomes (LOs) were proposed by an expert group, part of Yorkshire and Humber Strategic Health Authority EoLC work stream. The continuing development of the EoLC LOs has been supported by Health Education Yorkshire and Humber.

The EoLC LOs have been produced in the context of ongoing national developments all advocating that, for improvements to be achieved in the delivery of palliative and EoLC, workforce development is required. This is the first framework which identifies outcomes for the workforce involved in palliative and EoLC in any setting. The EoLC LOs are intended for use as part of education provision and workforce development to support improvements in the delivery of high quality EoLC delivered by:

  1. Unregistered support workers in health and social care

  2. Pre-qualifying health and social work students

  3. Registrants providing palliative care approach/general palliative care

  4. Registrants providing specialist palliative care.

As part of this initiative, there have been two pilots of their use in clinical practice, mapping exercises by higher education institutions (HEIs) against pre-qualifying and CPD programmes, and an expert group workshop to scrutinise the LOs. Feedback from these pilots will be presented. Feedback confirms that the EoLC LOs have the potential to deliver benefits for the workforce, employers, commissioners, patients and the public including:

  • Developing personal career goals

  • Developing job/role descriptions

  • Assessing clinical knowledge and skills at different levels of EoLC practice

  • Performance appraisal

  • Enabling professional revalidation

  • Enabling organisations and commissioners to respond to national policy related to local implementation and delivery of EoLC.

In press publications for this initiative:-

  1. End of Life Care Learning Outcomes

  2. Workplace Development Record

  3. Mapping Tool for education providers

  4. Sub-sets for ‘One Chance to Get it Right’ and for mandatory/priority EoLC education and training

  5. Mapping to Skills for Health Competences.

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