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P-149  What do we mean by spiritual care? an ethnographic approach
  1. Jutta Widlake1 and
  2. Tracie North2
  1. 1St Luke’s Hospice, Plymouth, UK
  2. 2Tracie North Independent Consultancy


Patients, families, staff and volunteers will be asked to give their views as part of a qualitative study with an ethnographic approach to ascertain the values and beliefs in relation to the definition of spiritual care and what it means for the patient experience. The study will be evaluated against the following outcomes:

  1. Design and implement a research project using a qualitative methodology

  2. Present the descriptions of spiritual care from the perspective of staff and volunteers and patients/families in the form of an organisational statement and strategy

  3. Identify patterns and subsequent themes which emerge from the staff and volunteer perspective

  4. Identify and share relevant findings to support the introduction of the spiritual care champion role

  5. Identify and share relevant findings to support the introduction of feedback from patients and their families about their experience

  6. Design an introduction to spiritual care for the induction of all staff and volunteers

  7. Implement a spiritual care assessment tool for staff

  8. Share this research with the wider community through connecting with the multi faith network surrounding a UK Hospice and thus increase (community) engagement via this network

  9. Share learning within the hospice movement.

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