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P-109  Creating a group exercise programme to suit the variety needs of all hospice patients
  1. Nicola Silk and
  2. Patricia McGovern
  1. Douglas Macmillan Hospice, Stoke on Trent, UK


Aim To provide a group exercise programme to suit the variety of needs of all hospice In-patients, day therapy patients and community patients to enable them to exercise together as a group.

Background A group exercise session not only has physical benefits for patients, the social aspect of exercising together is extremely beneficial for patients in a hospice setting (Talbot Rice et al., 2014). Taking into account physical ability, medical conditions, needs and limitations of each individual person makes providing a group exercise a challenge.

Method Two hospice staff members trained as Tripudio Movement Instructors. The programme combines gentle stretching and strengthening in an aerobic exercise programme. It can be adapted to suit the individual needs of all patients, is done seated or standing and at any intensity level dependent on the individuals fitness level, physical ability and condition. Most importantly the sessions are fun.

Results The table below demonstrates the results of a 6 week programme held for one hour a week for ladies aged between 36yrs and 83yrs with lymphoedema.

Following the program’s success, the classes were adapted further to suit all day therapy, community and in- patients.

Conclusion Tripudio is an effective group exercise programme which can be adapted to enable patients with a variety of life-limiting conditions, symptoms and physical abilities to exercise together in a group setting.

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