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P-14  Hca for carer support at home pilot
  1. Elizabeth Attwood
  1. St Peter’s Hospice, Bristol, UK


‘It has been wonderful for me as a carer’.

Context CNSs identified carers as the highest priority area for service development.

Importance Carers are expanding and are at higher risk of ill health compared to non-carers. Poor health can have a detrimental effect on the health and well-being of the person for whom they are caring (Carers UK, 2014).

Aim To provide a programme of support at home to enable carers as caregivers and to allow access to personal support for themselves.

Intervention A programme of visits by a health care assistant to patients and carers on CNS caseload. 43 carers received an average of five visits lasting three hours, totalling 210 visits and 562 hours July 2015 and March 2016.

Approaches included:

  • Carer Support Needs Assessment (Ewing and Grande, 2013)

  • Respite care

  • Emotional support

  • ‘Gentle Touch’

  • Information giving

  • Role modelling

Evaluation 10/43 carers returned the questionnaire (ONS, 2013). All the carers responded positively that the service has made a difference to them as carers.

8/10 gained a lot of benefit and the remainder gained some benefit.

A planned programme of visits and continuity of care led to trust in the health care assistant which enabled the carer to benefit from the service.

All carers felt that the negotiated day, time and duration of visits were convenient. Two would have liked more visits.

Future practice The importance of planning visits and continuity of care for carers to feel prepared to care and supported will be taken forward in a new respite service.

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