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Poised for take-off – research activities within a hospice collaborative
  1. Joanne Leung
  1. Ellenor, Gravesend, UK
  2. Heart of Kent Hospice, Aylesford, UK
  3. Hospice in the Weald, Pembury, UK
  4. Wisdom Hospice, Rochester, UK


Background Four adult hospices within one region are working in partnership as a Hospice Collaborative (the Collaborative), the Collaborative has sought strategic funding for a research practitioner to support research activities since late 2015. To further develop the embryonic research work in the locality, the Collaborative is anticipated to build partnerships with external organisations to exchange professional knowledge and expertise (Hospice UK, 2013).


  • To support and develop research activities across the Collaborative

  • To identify opportunities to work in partnership with external organisations

Method Members of an existing local research group provide expertise from various backgrounds, including primary care services, universities and research institutes. This research group has fostered partnerships between the Collaborative and external organisations to exchange expertise, information and knowledge in palliative and end-of life care.

Results An initial collaborative work can be demonstrated by the planned art workshop between one of the hospices within the Collaborative and a local university, to explore the latent thoughts and feelings about death and dying with patients and carers. Other planned collaboration works include organising a research design workshop to aid hospice staff with their fundamental research skills. The recruitments of the NIHR Portfolio studies and potential organic collaborative projects are expected to rise across the Collaborative, resulting from research ideas being circulated amongst the research group.

Conclusion Through the continuing research development of hospice staff in the locality, it is expected that the research activities will continue to grow across the Collaborative as well as between external organisations.


  1. Hospice UK.Future needs and preferences for hospice care: challenges and opportunities for hospices. A working paper of the Commission into the Future of Hospice Care; 2013 Accessed May 29, 2016

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