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P-192 Building resilience
  1. Robert Standfield
  1. St Richard's Hospice, Worcester, UK


Introduction Earlier this year (March 2015) Hospice UK published Resilience; A framework supporting hospice staff to flourish in stressful times. The information provided in this document has enabled us to reflect on the work we have been doing and focus the work-streams into a more coherent structure that offers a suite of mandatory and optional support systems for all Hospice staff (including volunteers).

Aims To review current processes that offer support and mitigate stress.

To highlight best practice and identify any gaps that should be addressed.

To provide the workforce with a comprehensive system of support that is accessible and meets their needs.

To provide managers with the skills they need to recognise stress (in themselves and others) so that it can be managed effectively.

Process The Hospice has a history of providing a range of support to staff both on a formal and informal basis.

Formal support:

  • All qualified social workers and counsellors (employed and volunteers) receive external clinical supervision.

  • All the Clinical Nurse Specialists receive external clinical supervision.

Informal support:

  • All registered nurses and healthcare assistants have access to ‘practice support’ either on a 1:1 basis or in groups.

  • Other staff have access to mentoring upon request.

  • Staff well-being policies are being developed by the Hospice ‘Moving Forward Together’ committee. Registered nurses and healthcare assistants have regular ‘development days’ where they meet as a group and set out their priorities for education, training and progression.

New initiatives such as a Mindfulness group facilitated by the Hospice Psychologist have been developed.

Managers and supervisors are accessing formal Leadership and Management qualifications (ILM Level and Level 5)

Results The availability of support offered to staff is becoming more structured.

Managers are starting to recognise the most appropriate support staff need to mitigate stress.

Resilience is being recognised and embedded across the organisation.

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