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P-186 Clinical skills competencies – a journey started
  1. Ruth Bevington
  1. Helen and Douglas House, Oxford, UK


Introduction This poster seeks to open up conversations between hospices about training and assessing clinical skills; in this vital area there seems to be much we can learn from each other. A Clinical Skills Competency Framework (CSCF) has been implemented in our hospice which aims to provide formalised training and assessment in clinical skills for registered nurses (RNs) and care team members (CTMs). The introduction was challenging for many reasons, and although started in 2010 it seems we are nearer the start than the end.

Initial obstacles RNs were matched to clinical skills and asked to write a training pack and competency. It was extremely challenging for RNs as they found it hard to visualise the concept the team was aiming for. CTMs reported dissatisfaction with the idea of the CSCF; they felt that the skills they had were not valued and found the framework hard to understand.

Progress 2010–2014 Implementation of CSCF was slow. A few CTMs were motivated and sought opportunities to achieve the competencies. RNs varied in how much they took the initiative in teaching and assessing their competency. The original team updated the paperwork; although improved it was another change for staff.

September 2014 – current The new role of Practice Development Nurse (PDN) has been central in encouraging staff to engage with CSCF, with the PDN actively involved in teaching and assessing. By communicating, providing opportunities for learning, and setting small goals, staff have moved on and progress has been rapid.

The future…?How are other hospices approaching training in key clinical skills? Are we all using competency frameworks? How similar or different are our approaches? Is there any scope for joined-up working? And what, if any, evidence do we have of the impact on staff and, ultimately, patients?

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