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P-171 Incorporating transitional care into the adult hospice
  1. Olwyn Hughes
  1. Dorothy House Hospice, Bradford on Avon, UK


Introduction There are significant differences between the settings and provision of palliative care in Adult and Teenage and Young Adult (TYA) Services. The Burdett Trust for Nursing supported this nurse-led project to explore these differences and the role of adult hospices in Transitional care.


  • Identification of the existing provision for TYA with life limiting illness (LLI) in the hospice locality.

  • Exploration of the experiences of users of TYA services to identify potential unmet needs.

  • Identification of examples of good practice (local and national) and service gaps.

  • Facilitate more effective communication between TYA and Adult services.

Methods Links were made with national and local organisations involved in Transitional care and TYA patients with a LLI.

Working party established, whose membership included professionals and TYAs; the terms of reference focused on achieving the above aims.

National Conference to:

  • raise the profile of transitional care amongst health and social professionals

  • share knowledge on transitional care needs and national actions

  • facilitate discussion between TYAs and adult services to inform and improve the transitional care experience for TYAs

Training needs for relevant staff identified and addressed

Existing services trialled by transitional TYAs with a LLI and recommendations made.


  • Increased awareness of transition from national and local perspectives.

  • Links established with TYAs service providers increasing referrals to the hospice.

  • Commitment to collaborative working and involvement of TYA in design and provision of future services.

Conclusion Indications are that incorporating the needs of TYA with a LLI into the development of hospice services would provide an important bridge between TYAs and adult care whilst benefitting adult patient groups.

Examples of service developments include:respite lodges, special interest groups and research into the viability of a purpose-built centre for use by TYAs with LLI.

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