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P-16 Making a difference... challenging the ‘shoulds, musts and oughts’ of bereavement and loss
  1. Hazel Blacklock
  1. East Lancashire Hospice, Blackburn, UK


The experiences of a bereaved couple, following the stillbirth of their son, highlighted shortfalls in their expectations of how they were personally and professionally supported during this difficult time. It resulted in them considering what improvements could be made to enhance facilities and information to health service users in the future.

This presentation will demonstrate how a unique and interactive workshop has subsequently developed in partnership with the Oliver Robert Foundation and East Lancashire Hospice; its aim being to educate professionals and the general public on the personal impact we can have when supporting those experiencing loss and grief.

This also complies with the hospice Strategic Plan 2013–18, to include supporting the continued professional development of staff, using staff expertise to provide education, and to work closer with the community.

The workshop also contributes to the requirements of the Bereavement Care Service Standards 2013, to include education and training, in addition to the expectations of the Care Quality Commission.

The presentation will encompass the establishment of the workshop, its purpose, learning aims, skills used therein, audience, evaluations and future plans. It will demonstrate how a relationship, established from the positive experience when accessing the East Lancashire Hospice Bereavement Support Service, has transformed into a lasting legacy, thereby enhancing service provision within the community and raising the profile of the hospice over a wide geographical area.

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