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P-165 User survey of hospice services using the five senses "it is very rewarding knowing that the staff value our observations and i am delighted with the changes following recommendations
  1. Veronica Mickleburgh and
  2. Phillipa Graham
  1. LOROS, Leicester, UK


Introduction Feedback from patients and carers can benefit hospice users. The 5 Senses Survey (5SS) requires the observer to gather information from different hospice settings using sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.

Aims To provide patients and carers with opportunities to be involved with hospice improvement. To reflect on data gathered and recommend appropriate action.

Methods The 5SS team comprise a coordinator and 3 volunteers from the Patient and Carer Participation Group (PCPG). Trained volunteers spent 45–60 min in unannounced observation of hospice areas. Four areas were observed on differing occasions: Reception, outpatients, social area and day therapy. Team discussion immediately followed observation and a report of findings and recommendations were collated. Feedback to the area manager was provided and a time-scaled action plan was agreed.

Results Feedback from patients and carers reports/indicates:

Day therapy: The ‘lively buzz’ of the creative therapy contrasted with the ‘clinical and cold’ decor. Patient artwork now lines the walls. Noisy tea trolleys have also been replaced.

Outpatients: Poor signage led to confusion amongst patients upon entering outpatients. A staff member now mans the new welcome desk in the booking area. A local artist has donated work to brighten up the waiting area.

Reception: Volunteer inconsistency has highlighted the need for further training. The desk has been decluttered.

Social area: Dated and worn furniture identified for renewal in future development plans. Wheelchairs near the smoking room have been relocated.

Conclusion Patient and carer involvement in the 5SS has enabled a more rounded and accurate assessment of hospice services. Managers have benefited by hearing from users about their service. Volunteers have enjoyed the opportunity to shape the future of hospice service provision. The 5SS will continue as a rolling programme; other areas to observe include the inpatient unit, building exterior and counselling services.

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