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P-130 Magic numbers and deep dives: strengthening data collection to transform clinical evidence and service delivery
  1. June Patel and
  2. Paul Singleton
  1. St Richard's Hospice, Worcester, UK


Background The final report of the Commission into the future of Hospice Care (Section 7 Step 2 pg. 41) noted the importance of strengthening the understanding of the contribution of Hospice Care. Data collection and analysis was deemed to be a key requirement in terms of Hospices undertaking effective service planning and improvement.

Aims Informed by the recommendation of the Commission, the aims of the project were as follows

  • Review the scope and rationale of data entry collected on System One.

  • Review the extent to which the current data set supported the strategic priorities of the Hospice, key performance indicators and clinical dashboards.

  • Explore the feasibility of reducing the scope of data entry with a view to freeing up clinical time

Approach used A time limited steering group was convened involving Clinical Leads, Care Director and Clinical Data Analyst. ‘Deep Dives’ were undertaken into the scope current data collection with respect to Day Hospice, Clinical Nurse Specialists team, Hospice at Home, Family Support Team and In-patient unit. Clinical conversations evolved to determined detailed review of data collection to inform key strategic priorities, performance indicators and clinical dashboards.


  • Reduction in data entry requirement by clinical staff and demands placed on Clinical Analyst

  • Data entry aligned to strategic objectives and key performance indicators

  • Refinement of clinical dashboard and metrics in alignment with CCG clinical reporting requirements

  • Refreshed format of quarterly Clinical Quality report, including trend analysis and key performance indicators

  • Strengthened data capture to inform clinical audit requirements

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