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P-129 Using outcomes measures to improve clinical practice and business readiness
  1. Sheila McKinley and
  2. Helen Brewerton
  1. Trinity Hospice, London, UK


In an environment where there is an increasing needto demonstratetransparency and quality, we wanted a robust way to assess the effectiveness of our clinical service. The method needed to be meaningful to our clinical teams and the wider organisation, as well as helping us to be the hospice of choice for patients and those commissioning and funding our service, both now and in the future.

Aims We wanted to develop a way of using outcome measures to help us deliver effective care, as well as developing our clinical service. We wanted them to demonstrate our effectiveness to those who use, commission and fund our service.

Method We decided to use the OACC Suite of outcome measures, as they are validated for palliative care; encompass itsholistic nature; focus on what is important to patients; andare nationally recognised. We have embedded them in the patients electronic record, so they are part of clinical practice, can beused in making treatment and care decisions and the data can be extracted easily.

Results Information about what is important to patients now forms part of each clinical record and the measurements have a key role in multidisciplinary discussion about ongoing care. We now have a means of demonstrating our ability to help patients and their families in key areas of care. Challenges included ensuring clinical staff's consistent commitment tocollecting the information and in showing collectivedata in a way meaningful to clinical teams.

Conclusion The project has given a sustainable and clinically meaningful means of demonstrating the effectiveness of the holistic care we provide. The involvement of clinical and nonclinical staff has meant the same information can be used in differing ways, as well as helping the whole organisation to work together in the delivery of high quality care.

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