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P-112 Developing pharmacy services at st joseph's hospice. a quality improvement programme
  1. Ruth Bradley1 and
  2. Steven Wanklyn2
  1. 1St Joseph's Hospice, Hackney, UK
  2. 2Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, UK


Introduction In 2012, St Joseph's Hospice identified the lack of dedicated pharmacy provision to our 42 bed inpatient unit as an area for improvement in quality, safety and efficiency of pharmaceutical delivery and cost savings. We established a partnership with Pharmacy services at Guys and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust and embarked on a programme of Quality Improvement and Efficiency.

Aims To establish a dedicated Pharmacy service to support clinical team at St Joseph's Hospice in:

  • Safe and secure delivery and handling of medicines

  • Meeting regulatory compliance

  • Building capacity of local community, with specialist information and advice to support self-medication practices

  • Providing 'exception' access to out of hours emergency end of life care drugs

  • Generating cost efficiencies to fund an onsite pharmacy with technician support

Methods We established a 6 month rotation for Oncology Palliative Care pharmacists at St Joseph's Hospice. Pharmacists are supported by a consultant pharmacist and work in partnership with the St Joseph's Hospice Clinical team. Each rotating pharmacist has service improvement objectives, reviewed and supervised by the Consultant Pharmacist and Hospice Director of Care Services. The wider clinical team engage via the Hospice's Drugs and Pharmacy Group. Pharmacy costs are reviewed monthly.

Results A dedicated clinical pharmacy service has supported clinical teams to improve the quality and safety of our pharmaceutical delivery. Achievements include:

  • robust policy and procedures in place

  • regulatory compliance

  • 70% of IPU patients use their own drugs

  • development of on-site pharmacy to provide single supply chain and dispensary for discharge medicines

  • 25% cost savings within 1 year

Conclusion Partnerships can represent an effective model for improving the quality of Hospice pharmacy provision and benefit hospital pharmacists through a learning experience in a Hospice.

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