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P-98 Activity: entertainment or therapeutic holistic care?
  1. Beverley Auger and
  2. Kate Barklie
  1. Helen and Douglas House, Oxford, UK


This poster seeks to explore the role of activity in Douglas House, a hospice for young adults. It will consider both the practice and meaning of ‘activity’ in our hospice and with our patient group offering, we hope, ideas transferable to other settings.

Most of the young adults who use our hospice find it challenging to access meaningful activities, whether that be meeting up with friends for a drink or going to a music festival or expressing themselves artistically.

Through our poster, we will share examples of patient-led activities at Douglas House from making and displaying art work (both within the hospice and beyond) to sensory workshops to going to festivals.

Alongside a snapshot of what we do, we will offer some ideas as to the meaning of activities, challenging the idea that ‘just’ entertainment. Meaning of course varies from person to person, but includes self-expression, connexion, an acknowledgement of capabilities, as well as increased control, choice and confidence.

We would like to share why ‘activity’ works so well and is so central to our setting, offering ideas and inspiration to others working in different contexts. For example, though activity work is led by key members of staff (occupational therapist and clinical volunteer co-ordinator) its success relies on support from a motivated and enthusiastic team of both paid staff and volunteers.

As part of our poster, we would like to challenge those reading it to think about the activities they take part in and what they mean to them. We aim to make this part of the poster something for people to physically take away and reflect on.

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