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P-7 “My story in music” at loros hospice: the story so far
  1. Debra Broadhurst and
  2. Zoebia Islam
  1. LOROS Hospice, Leicester, UK


Introduction Substantial literature has shown that music can be therapeutic for patients during illness and end-of-life care. Specifically, music has been found to reduce emotional and physiological pain, induce relaxation, provide spiritual support, decrease distress and promote feelings of belonging, closeness, and acceptance as well as providing an emotional outlet. These benefits of using music in a therapeutic way have been experienced by both patients and their family carers. LOROS Hospice has partnered with the charity Musicworks/JoCo Learning and Development to pilot a specially designed music intervention: ‘My Story in Music’ for patients using the services of the hospice.

Aim To test the feasibility and acceptability of a novel music intervention using a music toolkit to facilitate patient narrative about their life.

Methods Hospice staff were involved in four workshops, which included training participants in using and developing their own ’My Story in Music’, facilitating the delivery of a toolkit and developing interview activities and consent forms. Pre and post workshop questionnaires were completed and a further questionnaire will be completed following the implementation of the modified toolkit. All participants will complete a reflective journal as part of this process and will be invited to participate in a focus group.

Results A total of 13 professionals, from a variety of clinical areas, undertook the training. Of these, 4 have supported patients in creating their own ‘My Story in Music’ and reported that the current format of the toolkit was challenging for patients to complete, therefore, we will develop, refine and evaluate a modified version, suitable for our group of patients.

Conclusion The majority of staff participants recognised the potential therapeutic benefits of using such a toolkit; we will now develop and test a modified version.

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