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P-60 Innovation and collaboration allowing hospices access to benefit from national social media promotion
  1. Andrea Ladeira and
  2. Claire Langston
  1. St Luke's Cheshire Hospice, Winsford, UK


Hospices are continually seeking innovative approaches to income generation. Some tools of raising funds appear underdeveloped in our sector. There is a need to become business savvy and find ways of leveraging the mass market, utilising modern communication systems and the impact they give us access to. We know we need to build new business concepts and maximise their potential.

This presentation uses a specific example of use of social media and possibility of brand growth to illustrate potential of both.

On May 29 2015, Care2Save, the hospice and palliative care charity launched by the team at St Luke’s (Cheshire) Hospice, asked hospices to sign up for a pilot Social Media campaign called Kiss-May. Hospices would ask supporters to share a “red lipstick selfie”, to raise awareness and funds for hospice and palliative care services across the country. At short notice 72 hospices and the NCPC agreed to support the campaign using their social media streams, an orchestrated Thunderclap and some offline PR opportunities to test the appetite for this idea.

The concept was originated following a presentation given by The Movember Foundation in April, where they revealed the incredible success of their own simple idea, grow a moustache in November. In 2008 the first Movember campaign raised $10k and last year it raised $400 Million globally.

The interest shown in Kiss-May in 2015 has already opened doors with Make-Up companies and Retailers interested in supporting us next year.

The impact of hospices working together on social media campaigns will be considered and the approach to building an aligned brand explored.

Capitalisation of social media and brand impact need to be considered by hospices and as a sector we need to embrace the potential of social media both locally and nationally as a source of generating new income streams.

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