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P-56 Creatively supporting families where there is a palliative diagnosis
  1. Tori Barker-Ross,
  2. Wendy Ashton,
  3. Pauline Steenbergen,
  4. Esna Barnard and
  5. Becky Chaddock
  1. Family Support Team, Eden Valley Hospice, Carlisle, UK


Creativity is a core tenet of working with families where there is a palliative diagnosis. Recognising and responding to every persons need within each family unit requires a tailored and individualised approach.

Eden Valley Hospice Family Support Team have created a Resource Box and information leaflet to facilitate imaginative and meaningful support for families – especially children and young people – when someone in the family has a palliative diagnosis.

This Resource Box and information leaflet has been professionally designed to actively help families face the challenges of terminal illness with courage and resilience, encouraging them to identify and create their own plans. The box contains ideas and information, examples and inspiration to help families build an individualised resource of enduring memories and meaningful treasures.

This poster presentation will outline the rational and development of this resource, demonstrating that creative possibilities enable families to find ways to identify their own needs, explore their internal resources and determine ways forward for their family.

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