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P-6 Art, creativity and evaluation – a patient perspective
  1. Helen Corner and
  2. Anne Tandree
  1. Longfield (Cotswold Care Hospice), Stroud, UK


Aim To investigate using art as a self-evaluation and reflective tool, demonstrating the outcomes and achievements for patients attending a Day Therapy unit.

Introduction Despite offering a holistic approach to care we realised we offer little opportunity for patients to feedback or evaluate their time in Day Therapy.

Method Qualitative small scale study with a cohort of patients over a three month period (encompassing a complete 12 week Day Therapy programme).

Each patient is invited on the last day of the programme in Day Therapy to make a piece of art using materials of their choice to answer the following questions:

  1. How did you feel before you attended the hospice?

  2. How do you think the hospice has helped you?

  3. How do you feel now as you are leaving?

  4. What landscape are you stepping into as you leave?

The Art Practitioner and the patient have a conversation where the patient gives feedback on the meaning of the art they have produced.

Conclusions This person-centred innovative approach has shown that using art as an evaluation tool is a valuable and non-confrontational way of exploring with the patient the benefit of their time in Day Therapy enabling them to understand the changes on many levels that have taken place for them and supports their transition as they leave the hospice.

It is representative of the patient group we see in Day Therapy and this method of evaluation has proven to be a safe and appropriate way of reviewing someone’s time in Day Therapy and is particularly meaningful for people for whom verbal or written expressions and evaluations may be difficult.

With an excellent response rate of 98% we feel confident that this method of evaluation can be extended to other services within the hospice and wider community groups including carers.

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