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P-130 Examining the pallitative care lesson’s situation in nursing curriculum in turkey
  1. A Güneş,
  2. Y Erdem and
  3. G Demir
  1. Kırıkkale University Faculty of Health Sciences, Nursing Department, Kırıkkale, Turkey


Background In Turkey, the medical treatment of life threating diseases aim is to manage the symptoms, however psychosocial aspect of the disease is ignored. In the last decades, Health Ministry of Turkey has commenced certification program of palliative care for health professionals and established palliative care centres. Therefore, Health Ministry adviced to all university to integrate palliative care courses into the curriculum.

Aim To explore the nursing curriculum about palliative care courses in Turkey.

Methods In this descriptive research, 111 bachelor degree nursing schools were explored via e-mails and telephone interview.

Results In this research, we found out% 9.9 (11) of all nursing school integrated palliative care courses into their curriculum. Palliative care courses is in the 2nd, 3rd or the 4th year of the education programme. While 2 of 11 schools put this lesson to their curriculum as mandatory, 9 put it optional. Lesson’s ECTS is changing between 2 to 6 points. We discovered that there isn’t any standardisation of this lesson’s content.

Discussion In Turkey, most of nursing schools are given nursing education program classically. Adult health in the 2nd, child health in the 3rd and, mental and public health in the 4th year of education are given to the students. Palliative care philosophy is required holistic care. Therefore this course should be given in the last year of all nursing curriculum as mandatory.

Conclusion In Turkey palliative care course curriculum is insufficient in the nursing bachelor’s degree and should be empowered.

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