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P-88 Benefits of the Japanese version advance care planning facilitator education program
  1. H Miura1,
  2. Y Kizawa2,
  3. S Bito3,
  4. S Onozawa4,
  5. T Shimizu5,
  6. N Higuchi5,
  7. Y Goto1,
  8. S Takanashi1,
  9. N Kubokawa1,
  10. K Senda1,
  11. M Nishikawa1,
  12. A Harada1 and
  13. K Toba1
  1. 1National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology, Aichi, Japan
  2. 2Kobe University, Hyogo, Japan
  3. 3National Hospital Organization Tokyo Medical Center, Tokyo, Japan
  4. 4Kitasato University, Tokyo, Japan
  5. 5Tokyo University, Tokyo, Japan


Background Education of Advance Care Planning facilitators who support decision-making in difficult end-of-life medical decisions is important.

Aim The objective of this study is to identify the benefits of such an educational program.

Methods In June 2014, a training course was held using the educational program (supported by Grants-in-Aid for Health Labour Scientific Research) targeting a group of 19 members, made up of nurses, medical social workers, and doctors. Before and after the training course, a survey questionnaire using Frommelt Attitude Toward Care Of Dying scale-Form B-Japanese version was executed to evaluate the quantitative variations. After the training course, a focus group interview (FGI) was held to qualitatively evaluate the “experience of the training session”.

Results In the survey questionnaire, 18 individuals were targeted and in comparing before and after the training session, there were visible improvements on the overall scale as well as the various subscales of “positive attitude toward care of dying patients”.(p = 0.0372, 0.0032). In the FGI targeting 12 individuals, points such as “increase in eliciting communication with the application of ethical principles in order to adjust between the varying ideas due to difference in values” were extracted from the content analysis.

Discussion This research is the first to address the short term results of the Japanese version Advance Care Planning facilitator education program.

Conclusion Japanese version Advance Care Planning facilitator education program is useful.

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