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P-86 Webinars as a tool to engage cancer patients and clinicians in advance care planning
  1. Deborah Lawson1,
  2. Sondra Davoren1,
  3. Anna Ugalde2 and
  4. Anna Boltong3
  1. 1McCabe Centre for Law and Cancer, Cancer Council Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
  2. 2Deakin University, Australia
  3. 3Cancer Council Victoria, Melbourne, Australia


Background It is established that there are gaps between existing advance care planning (ACP) policies and laws and cancer patient and clinician knowledge. Innovative ways to connect with cancer patients and clinicians need to be trialled.

Aim The aim of this project was to trial webinars to deliver ACP information, and evaluate the success.

Methods Two webinars were run over March and July 2015. They varied in content and audiences, with a webinar for cancer patients focusing on completing ACP and appointment of  substitute decision-makers, and a webinar for clinicians on ACP laws, including recent changes to legislation. Webinars ran for 1.5 h. Participants were able to log on from their own computers, either at home or work.

Results Results will be reported as to the degree of participant satisfaction with the use of webinars as a method of dissemination of ACP information, with a particular focus on content and delivery. Any differences in feedback between cancer patients and clinicians will also be reported.

Discussion This work highlights the role of webinars and online communication as a tool of engaging specific groups. Important lessons learned and areas for improvement will be presented. Future webinars are also planned to run in 2016. Resources required for running webinars will be discussed.

Conclusion Webinars represent a unique communication method to cancer patients and clinicians, allowing dissemination of changes to policy to a variety of stakeholders.

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