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P-78 Early evaluation of the impact of a nurse-led approach solely supporting advance care planning
  1. Rebecca Thomas and
  2. C Allen
  1. Cwm Taf University Health Board, South Wales, UK


Background Locally, research has highlighted significant avoidable end of life admissions. Improving skills and communication for professionals is essential for care delivery. Despite numerous policies advocating advance care planning (ACP) health professionals continue to lack confidence to initiate these conversations.

Aim To evaluate the impact of a nurse-led approach to advance care planning, reflecting patient’s values, preferences and to reduce avoidable hospital admissions at end of life.

Methods ACP Nurse Specialists have been appointed whose time is designated solely to support, facilitate, educate and raise awareness of this process, working collaboratively to identify those in the final months of life. Health professionals’ needs were identified varied resources have been developed, tailored to the individual needs of care providers/client groups.

Results Though the project is in its infancy there is evidence of increased awareness and requests from other professionals for support to discuss and document ACP decisions with individuals. From the 92 referrals, received since September 2014, 48 people have completed some form of ACP and there are early signs of improved communication and a collaborative approach.

Discussion/conclusion Though nationally up to 90% of the public support ACP only 8% completed any form of ACP. Barriers include the availability of trained staff with the time, competence and confidence and understanding of the importance of ACP. The goal is that patients with frailty, dementia and chronic conditions are identified earlier to meet their individual choices. As these roles are solely dedicated to ACP the practitioners are immersed in the subject and therefore the impact may be greater.

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